Wooden Crate Christmas Decorating Ideas

What better way to ring in the holidays than with a festive recycled DIY project?

Stacking wooden crates are readily available. The traditional fruit boxes, in fact, are great for this form of wooden crate Christmas decorating ideas. Of course, they aren't always in good working order. Even yet, the good news is that wooden crates can be purchased at Vintayard, your ultimate destination for handmade natural woods products.

Coffee Table Centerpiece

Simply paint a wooden crate white and attach red gingham ribbons to the sides for this simple accent piece. When paired with paperwhites or poinsettias, the outcome is festive, but it may also be used year-round as a breakfast-in-bed tray.

Advent Crate

To keep these "advent gifts" distinct from the rest of his Christmas presents, use a painted wooden crate with a festive phrase to hold them. Add ornaments and pine bough bedding to your crate for an extra bit of seasonal flair.

DIY Gift Wrap Cart

If your gift-wrapping station is a disorganized mess, this project is a fashionable way to clean it up. Use two wood storage crates to generate enough storage space in the mobile cart after creating the shell with pine panels. Leave enough space at the top to hang ribbons and wrapping paper as a bonus.


Christmas Village Display

Make your own Christmas town display case or a holiday story using natural wood crates as backdrops for various scenes.

DIY Wall Crate Storage

This brilliant organizational project will save you from picking up snowy hats and scarves from the floor. Paint a couple coats of paint on numerous wall crates, then spray with polyurethane to preserve them from water damage. This DIY project will result in a functional system for storing winter clothing and minimizing the mess left behind from snowy outdoor activities.


Wagon Storage Crates

Make the bases of your holiday wagons out of three large wood storage crates. Fill each wood crate box with a variety of Christmas items, such as presents, blankets, and cushions, and use them as beautiful front porch decorations.

Christmas Trees in wooden Boxes

It's critical to decorate the Christmas tree's base. Although these Christmas pines do come with legs, they are usually not very beautiful. The greatest option is to create your own tree stand. A wicker basket, a fabric bag, or, why not, one of these wood storage crates will suffice. Keep one of these boxes shaped like a trunk. All of these Christmas decorations will have a rustic feel to them, which is perfect for this time of year.


Christmas Decorations Made From Repurposed Wooden Boxes

Making our own handcrafted Christmas arrangements is another one of the wooden crate Christmas decorating ideas with wooden crate boxes, especially the smaller ones. Yes, we may use ribbons, garlands, pinecones, branches, and pretty much whatever other Christmas decorations we have.