What Are The Different Types of Wooden Crates?

For beautiful home décor, handmade stacking wooden crates offer plentiful advantages to consumers along with glorifying an interior.

They are even useful to perfectly ship your products, add elegance, and give a natural look to the house. From designing the kitchen to living rooms and workspace, you can pick natural wood crates in any size and color to have the best decoration.  

That isn’t an easy job to choose the right rustic wood crates as you can see a widespread option is available in the market. These handcrafted wooden items are useful for several purposes and especially important to conduct a smooth shipping process. 

Ahead of making your selection, you are recommended to look for the different types of wood storage crates available to match your individual needs of home décor.

So, let’s look for their variations to pick what can exactly suit your purposes –

1. Frame Wooden Crates

This kind of crate is made with wood and its edge are attached without sheathing, which is commonly used to ship products smoothly. Used for traditional home decorations, you can even get a wood crate box to see what is stored inside it. These frame types of wooden crates are widely used to shipping materials without any added protection. 

 2. Closed Wooden Crates

This kind of wooden crate is completely encircled and without any openings to ensure uninterrupted shipment. These handwoven wooden items are ideal to ship materials or exclusive products, which you need to place in a specific area to eliminate the risk of spillage. If you want to choose a unique crate shape, a closed wood crate is your perfect match to address your widespread shipping needs. 

3. Open Wooden Crates

These types of crate boxes are made using wooden planks in their exterior cover. In this type of box, you can normally get spaces within its planks to ensure ample ventilation and eliminate the risk of spoiling. These budget-friendly wooden crates can save your money as well as offer extreme protection to your products at pocket-pinch prices. Here you can also get a completely customizable option to use an open crate for beautiful home décor. 

4. Wire-Bound Wooden Crates

These kinds of stacking wooden crates are comparatively affordable, although rigid enough to use just in a single journey. The stitched wood crate is commonly used to ship easily rotten vegetables as it is made of thin layers of wood stitched together to eliminate the risk of spoiling. It further has triangular corner pieces to offer maximum sturdiness with the aim to stack crates. These stitched wooden crates are also covered with a wire to ensure their extra strength and durability for transporting. 

Once you’ve explored a wide range of natural wood crates along with their usefulness, you are expected to make a smart choice of buying both for home décor and shipping goods.

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