Wooden Crate Painting Ideas

Wooden crate boxes can be given a completely new look with the right type of painting and design. When you choose the right colors, pattern, or design, you are sure to have a beautiful wood crate box that you can use for different purposes at your home. In this blog, we will learn how you can paint natural wood crates in a few simple ways.

Wipe Off the Wood Storage Crates Using a Damp Rag

Our crates had been lying in the garage for a while and were a little dusty, so we decided to give them a good wipe-down before priming.


Prime Your Crate Boxes

This was the first pleasant day in a long time for us as a beautiful day for painting outside is simply splendid! We used a brush to hand-prime our natural wood crates. However, let us tell you that the spray version will work just as well and save time on the job. You can choose to go with the BIN primer which dries quickly. To be precise, 45 minutes. It's preferable to start painting as soon as the priming is dry. The insides of the crates can be primed first, then flip over to get the outsides.

Paint Your Crate Boxes Using Spray Paint

We put out our large drop cloth and used white matte spray paint to paint the boxes. Crates, in particular, contain numerous nooks and crevices that are difficult to cover with a brush.

Shake the can well, then move your hand back and forth from approximately 12-15 inches away, lightly spraying the crates. On the first coat, you're not aiming for complete coverage. Return 10 minutes later and spray it again, this time completely coating it but being careful not to keep your hand in one area to avoid drips. Flip the crates over and paint the insides once they've dried (it'll take at least a few hours).


Mask Off Your Patterns

Now it's time to have some fun! You are free to make whatever pattern you like. To match the atmosphere in your playroom, you may opt to paint modern line designs in black. You can create whatever design you may find attractive to the eye.

When it comes to wooden crate painting ideas, we choose the Modern “V” Pattern. How we made that?

We used a roll of ordinary masking tape, although painter's tape would also work. Without measuring, finding the middle line was simple. This is all based on a hunch. To obtain the greatest seal possible, push down hard on the tape.

After that, use a stencil brush to paint the lines. The technique is known as the "dry brush method." This means you just use a tiny bit of paint on your brush, and when you've dipped it in it, you gently swirl it on your pallet (or plate) to remove any surplus paint.

Then, using a "tap tap tap tap tap" motion, dab the paint onto the crate. The aim is to only get paint in the spaces between the tape, not below it. Return to the outside edges using an angle-tipped artist's brush, being careful not to push paint beneath the masking tape.

You may want to go over the lines with the stencil brush a second time to achieve greater coverage, depending on your choice. If you only use a single layer, the dabbing method might result in a blotchy sponge-painted effect.

So, this is how we transform our idea of wooden crate printing design in reality. Do you have any other wooden crate painting ideas? Please let us know.