Top 7 Wooden Crates Furniture Ideas

If you want to install natural wood crates at your place, make sure to choose the right style and color to add elegance to your existing property. These wood storage crates you can pick according to your interior or rearrange some unused creates, which means going green. From rustic wooden crates to stacking crates and pallets, you can get a vast collection of crate boxes at a well-established shop. 

Do you want to get some unique ideas or inspirations to make rustic wood crates? Then, look for the below tips to have the best home décor A handcrafted wooden crate will indeed offer extra storage and extraordinary style to purchasers, who want to get an appealing interior. 

So, let’s look for the best-in-category stacking wooden crates ideas for 2021 –

1.Colorful Wood Crate Bookshelf

If rustic wood crates are stacked with each other, it can work as a designer bookshelf to keep books. You can also paint it with solid or eye-soothing colors to enhance the look of the handmade bookshelf. 


2. Rustic Wooden Crate Pet Bed

This is an extremely creative idea to repurpose your wooden crates. A fashionable bed for your adorable pet is also possible with such a useful storage item. This handmade furniture will allow your pet to seek relaxation in a new place, and possible it will also enjoy a unique sleeping position. 

3. Natural Wooden Crate Nightstand

Stack two wood storage crates to get it converted into a unique nightstand to hold the light & belongings. This stylish wooden crate nightstand is quite easy-to-installed and reasonably priced, which can provide extra storage options and will give your room a touch of beauty. 

4. Wood Crate Storage Ottoman

It’s time to tailor-make your natural wood crates with eye-catching colors and shapes to create such a masterpiece. This handwoven wooden ottoman is created with an extra storage option, where you can put something in regular use. If you want, you can also use your natural-made wooden storage ottoman for other purposes as well. 

5. Stacking Wooden Mudroom Rack

Those unwanted wooden crates stored in your garage can make a perfect mudroom rack to position it behind the back doors. This handcrafted wooden mudroom rack is practically used to store your muddy and uncleaned shoes and accessories. You can also nail it to hold long dresses, jackets, and other regular-wear items. 

6. Wooden Cabinet With Sliding Drawers

A designer filing cabinet is possibly made using stacking wooden crates if you’ve got the assistance of experts. These types of filing furniture will offer you ample space to store your useful items with objectives to make your place well-organized all through. In case your closet’s space is running short, you can pick such a unique idea to something offbeat type for fashionable home décor.  

7. Natural Wooden Crate Tall Side Table

Add long legs to your natural wooden crates to make a wonderful side table for the house. This handwoven furniture will give your room a charming appeal and work as a perfect storage option at your residence or workspaces. That’s also important to seek professional assistance if you want to create something exceptional with old wooden crates. 

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