Wooden Crate Decorating Ideas

People acquire wooden crates by salvaging them or purchasing them at a craft store for next to nothing. In any case, there is a plethora of wooden crate decorating ideas to repurpose these crates beyond their original use.

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Repurposed Crates For Storage

You may prefer a farmhouse aesthetic and want to utilize wood crate boxes for storage, or you may prefer modern or European aesthetics and want to employ unfinished, fresh crates in your home design. Wooden crate boxes can even have an industrial sense to them. There's bound to be an idea that will inspire a vibrant new house addition, regardless of your design taste.

Use a Wood Crate Box To Add Height To Your Porch Decor

When creating a seasonal tableau for your front porch, a single crate may be a terrific design element. The crate can be used to give height and interest to rustic design decor.

Make an Old-World Centerpiece Out of a Vintage Crate

There are numerous ancient wooden crates and boxes that have been used for a variety of purposes. To use as a centerpiece on your dining table, look for a smaller, narrower wooden crate. Add things in groups of three, such as mason jars, or use the entire box as a succulent planter.

Add Chalkboard Labels To Crate Boxes To Organize Them

Crates made of wood, especially if the sides are completely encased in wood, provide excellent organizational tools. To bring style to a room that might otherwise be devoid of it, stain the boxes a rustic hue and add chalkboard labels.

TV Stand Made of Wooden Crates

Stacking wooden crates can be used to make TV stand. Further, it can be adjusted to fit any size television and even has space for additional accessories. The unfinished crates and mason jar succulent planters will surely give off a modern farmhouse vibe.

Create Built-ins Using Unfinished Crates

Wood storage crates may be used in a variety of ways to construct built-ins. When creating a feature wall of crates, avoid stacking crates on top of each other. Add a little variety and stagger, but make sure the weight is equally distributed.

Shelving Units Made of Wooden Crates To Organize Your Shoes

This wooden crate decorating idea is similar to the last one, but on a smaller scale and with a different purpose. When you have a long hallway or even a walk-in closet, natural wood crates work well for storing shoes. In the vertical crates, you can keep tall boots, and in the horizontal crates, you can keep flats.

Using a Crate in a Vintage Style To Decorate a Buffet

This is more of a style inspiration than a DIY project. A single box can be styled in a variety of ways. A wood crate box can be on a dining room buffet to perfection. Inside the crate, you can experiment with different heights, but make sure whatever you place inside is sturdy enough to stand out.

Convert Crates For Toy Storage And Children's Rooms

Remember how we said a little whimsy goes a long way? That's how this project transforms from mundane to extraordinary. Match the contact paper and paint to the color scheme of your child's room. Toys can be stored in the crates at ground level, or more delicate decor items can be stored in the wood storage crates at a higher level.